Review: Nika Restaurant (former Bali Cafe), Budapest

1052 Budapest, Károly körút 4, Hungary
1053 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos utca 7-9, Budapest


How to get to:

Updated review written March 2017

The closest metro station is Astoria on M2 (red).

It was a bit of a struggle to find the place although it is located right on the main street. GPS in hand and we walked back, as on our first try we passed by.

The new location of Bali Cafe, rebranded as Nika Restaurant, is way biggger and looks more modern.

I found the servers were still speaking English (yay!) but the service was a bit slow. So slow, that the friends we went there with kept waiting for the server to ask us to serve desert, but that didn’t even happen. Oopps.

Overall though, the food was still good. I had, again, grilled mozzarella on some greens; and Alex had mangalita (Hungarian pork) stew. The servings are now smaller but still quite big for the daily recommendations (ahem!).

I even ordered a Cosmopolitan and it was way different than the ones I had at home. Couldn’t taste the alcohol but I felt its effects on me (especially since I drink a Cosmo per year, on a special ocassion.

I do still recommend the place.

Original review written in April 2013

Sunday evening we were set on finding a restaurant which served Hungarian fare. The plan was to go to Elisabeth Bridge and from there walk towards Rakoczi ut. Since we haven’t found anything up to the Astoria Metro stop we decided to make a left. Right on the corner there it was : Bali Cafe. It offered Hungarian fare – and other international dishes – and the prices were cheap.

Everyone except me ordered Hungarian fare and they were more than delighted by the food. Alex ordered beef stew with red wine and buttered noodles, while I chose mozzarella on the grill with pesto and mix veggies.


My food looked amazing and it was absolutely delicious. To my surprise they have used balsamic vinegar on the veggies. My dish was 1990 ft / US$8.80 and Alex’s 2290 ft / US$10.10. I chose tea on the side and it was absolutely amazing, too (I know, I have a thing for tea and coffee).

Our waiter, a very handsome local, spoke perfect English. And he was extremely attentive with us. Definitely a big plus and a reason for tip! By the way: the service fee IS included so you won’t have to pay extra (we did because we loved the guy).

I would recommend the place to anyone who is looking either for Hungarian fare or for healthier alternatives. I’ve seen fish and chicken dishes in their menu, too. I also had a fruit salad (990 ft / US$4.35) which was delicious.

Our rating:

Cinci Stele

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