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I am , again, participating in the Indie Challenge hosted by Bootsnall. Just like last year, I’d be posting an article a day, based on the question / challenge of that day.

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Nov 8
Planning your Journey

Picking destinations on a RTW trip is hard. As much as you’d like, unless you have unlimited time & money, you can’t do everything.

Where did you go on your RTW trip? What destinations did you have to skip and why? Why did you pick the places you did? If you were to redo the same trip today, would you change anything?

CHALLENGE: Create your dream trip (Don’t worry about your budget – just dream). Go to indie.bootsnall.com and sign up (it’s free and no spam, don’t worry) and create a 6 month trip anywhere in the world you want. Pick everywhere you want to go & screenshot this trip.
Next, make this dream trip into a realistic 6 month journey. Fill in the dates of travel. How long do you want to stay in each place? Do you want to fly everywhere or do some trips overland (overland is cheaper but takes more time). You may have to take some destinations out or change them around to fit into 6 months.
Now that you’ve finished, screenshot your trip again.How has your RTW trip changed? Why did you pick the places on your final trip over some that may have been in your first (or did you add any destinations?). What has this taught you about planning a RTW adventure?


Here‘s the link to the “everywhere” I want to go. Screenshot above

So I took out two stops and decided to stay 1 month in each of the other stops. Budapest is the closest international hub for me and where I’d plan to set off from. We’ll take the train from Arad (home town) to Budapest.


I took out Portland because I could travel from San Francisco if I really want to go; and I also took out Bangkok. I am not “sold” on Asia right now. While I do love warn weather, I despise humidity.

I would consider hopping on a low cost carrier and see Christchurch, as well. Or take the train to Wellington, in New Zealand. And it is very likely to take a flight from San Francisco to LAX.

I have always liked to stop and enjoy as opposed to move fast from one place to another. While we do take day trips to places near home, when we travel further we always stay 2-3 weeks.

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