20 Free things you can do in Arad, Romania

There are quite a lot of free things to do in Arad, making this lovely city in Western Romania an affordable place to visit.

1. Take a walking tour of the city. Map in hand, get “lost” checking out the sights.


2. Go for a walk on Mures Embankment (or the bank of the River Mures). Whether you walk from Traian Bridge to the end of 300 area in Micalaca or from Traian Bridge all the way to Port Arthur, it’s nice, it’s nature, it’s exercise. And it’s one of the free things to do in Arad.

3. Play table tennis (ping pong) on the table located on the grounds of Moise Nicoara College, at Children’s Park or at Pork Arthur.

4. Play chess, rummy or backgammon in Eminescu Park.

5. Watch the “dancing fountain” in Padurice Park. Or stay to listen to a concert.

6. Use the monkey bars in Children’s Park. Be careful not to be seen by the local police (adults aren’t exactly allowed to play in the park. bummer).


7. Walk to Ceala Forest and within the forest. From the city center it’s a bout an hour walk to get to the entrance in the forest.

8. Visit the museum (with its 3 sections) and an art gallery during International Museum Day (each year in May).

9. Visit Arad Fortress (when it’s open for events)

10. See the city from the Town Hall’s Tower and take a free tour of the Town Hall (during Arad Days festival in the summer)

11. Read a book on a banch in the park.

12. Take photos of the sights.

13. Listen to classical music in Reconcilierii Park (opera) or Eminescu Park (waltz) each year at the end of summer.

14. Go to the teathre (or see a play in an unconventional location).


15. Feed the pigeons in Avram Iancu Square or Reconcilierii Park.

16. Have a picnic in the forest.

17. Look for old books during the festivals.

18. Sing at a karaoke night.

19. Visit a church.

20. Walk in the bazaar.

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