Things That Make Me Happy – February 2017

I was pretty close to forgetting to write my monthly gratitude list. February was quite a weird month, but we made it!

New laptop

My Lenovo Z51-70 (which I got back in December 2015) decided to stop working one lovely Saturday in February. Seeing how it died I knew it would take a while to repair it, so I decided to go ahead and buy myself the shiny new toy you see in the photo: Asus Zenbook! It’s light, fast, and I love it.

We managed to repair the other one, too, and now I am planning to sell it since it’s just too heavy for my needs nowadays.

Finally, spring

After quite a cold series of days , eerrm weeks, it’s finally sunny and nice. We feel that we came back to life! Cannot wait for more hikes and walks this spring!

Farmers’ market runs

The warm weather also means the farmers’ market is open and there are quite a lot of veggies and fruits to choose from. The salads have made a comeback in my , otherwise, quite dull winter diet.

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