Sziget 2015, Budapest, Day 0 (Aug 11) – Our Experience


Sziget Festival is held in Budapest, Hungary, each August. For 23 years , during a week in August, the island becomes an oasis for the young ( & old) who love music. And freedom.

Powered by Telekom and Master Card (the two major sponsors), the festival attracted thousands of people again, this year. And among them, we also got a chance to experience the energy and fun.

We got the day tickets online (55 euros for Day 0 per adult) and we also booked a night at Dominik Panzio. That was 28 euros for both of us (with the tourist tax included).


How to get to the Island

It’s very easy to use Metro line 2 (Red) – get off at Batthyany Ter. And then take HEV line 5 (direction Szentendre) and get off at Filatorigat. From there just…follow the crowds to the entrance.


You can enter with at most 2.5 liters of water / juice per person. No alcohol. You can bring food.

You need to exchange the tickets you got online for bracelets.

You also need to get a card (wireless) to pay once you are at the festival. You can load money on it and then everything is fast and easy when you buy something. You can keep the card (for 500 ft) and you can also get the rest of the unused money back.

Everyone speaks English on the island, so it’s easy to ask what you need to know. Or order food.

Expect to spend about 20000-25000 ft for 2 adults for drinks and food PER DAY (or shall I say night?)

Wear something comfortable which doesn’t show dirt. Wear something you don’t mind staining. Please don’t wear high heels.


Our experience

Let’s start with a video Alex has put together.

Now , let’s go into details.


We’ve been hoping to get to Sziget for a loooooong time (before we were even together) so when we were asked if you wanted to go and see Infected Mushroom we said YES , without thinking about it too much.

It took us couple of days to organize – including the accommodation and tickets – and on Tuesday morning we left Arad, by car, around 10am. Very short ride via the new highway border crossing, by the way. We left the car at the panzio, got day tickets from Keleti pu and away we went to Sziget.

It was a really hot day – the heat warning level was red (highest) so we were careful to wear bandanas and drink a lot of water. It took us a bit to exchange the tickets for bracelets and get the card to pay for stuff once inside.

Time has another meaning and flows so differently there. Even if you just sit on the grass, you are not bored. People watching is at its best. The food is plentiful and amazing. And there’s music everywhere.


Gentleman opened the day on the Main Stage. Almost an hour and a half of a truly magnetic show.

Then we went to check out stuff and find a place to re-hydrate and eat. Found some coffee – I really needed the kick and watched people play volleyball.

Back to the Main Stage for Florence and the Machine (didn’t really like her, sorry).

Some more walking and shopping, plus a bit of rest of the grass while we each decided on “dinner”.

We went to the A38 tent before Infected Mushroom started and that’s where we ended our day as well.

Infected Mushroom was great. The show kept everyone on their feet, dancing for almost an hour and a half. Myself, included, of course.

Was it tiring? Yes. Was it worth it? Hell yeah! Will I do it again? Sure!

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