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…or a different kind of Blogroll

A Kiss Life: a blog about a simple life, which includes traveling.

Athens Free Walking Tour: the site for the tour I took back in March 2012. Loved it so I am sharing.

A hole in my shoe: was created as a Facebook page on January 28, 2014 to inspire people who enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people to travel to unknown destinations.

Backpack Adventures:she loves to travel and write about it.

Bay Breezin Travel Blog: Nigel and Martha are an international couple who loves to travel.

Bootsnall: articles and tips for travelers. Geared towards independent travelers. Look carefully and you’ll be able to spot some of my articles there, too.

Boot not Roots: is run by Danielle, a 20-something married lady with a unending desire to walk the world.

Budapest Daily Photo: because you might need more reasons to travel to Budapest, of course

CheeseWeb: Canadians, Alison & Andrew, slowly traveling the world – with their cats.

Cosmos Mariners: a travel blog with smarts.

Everywhere Once: travel blog written by Brian and Shannon who are always on the move.

Escaping Life: Johann is an amateur photographer, inspired traveller, aspiring mountaineer, positive thinker and a minimalist

Foodie Flashpacker: Nathan is currently exploring the world.

Gypsy Couple: product of an arranged marriage, they travel and talk about their travels.

Hungary- A love for life: official website for Hungary Tourism board. If you plan to visit Budapest or any other place in Hungary, check it out.

New Indie: multi stop flight planner. RTW travel is the game.

Hawaiian Brian: a travel blog about Brian’s experiences. He also wants to hear from his readers so that he can help them plan their next great escape.

I am Aileen : I discovered her blog on a Facebook group. And fell in love with her blog. She is 21, quite a corporate job to travel the world and is a digital nomad.

Kalyn’s Kitchen: healthy food recipes!

Lifelong Vagabonds: a traveling couple, on the road for the past 4 years.

Liz Leslie Photos: a photographer I love and recommend to my USA friends (cause she is based in the USA).

Lux Adventure Traveler: professional travel writers who love adventure and wine.

My travel in Tuscany: Nicola and Eduardo live in Italy and blog about it.

Petra’s Chessboard: she blogs in English and Romanian and focuses on travel.

Passions and Places: run by Jen and Ryan, an American couple living in Boston who are trying to see the world.

Pygmy Elephant: – A collection of customizable adventure itineraries around the globe that are rewarding to the traveler, host and the environment.

Secret London: pretty much anything you need to know about London (more than just the touristy highlights)

The Planet and Me: Emily is a twenty-something Brit who loves to travel the world. If you are into a little penny pinching, off-the-beaten-track locations, and some no frills backpacking, this is a great resource to check.

The Discoveries of: freelance travel writer, food lover and avid photographer

The Grey Traveller: or what I strive to become. She loves to travel and write about it.

ThisLifeinTrips.com: Shaun loves memorable experiences, great food, and overall awesome times.

Traveldudes: a lot more than just a travel blog. A community , tips and ideas.

Travel – Moments in Time: the blog is full with info on many destinations around the world.

Travelita: written by Anita who lives to explore the world.

Travel Lexx : he lives in London and loves to travel. And of course, write about it.

Travelsewhere: David is addicted to travel and isn’t afraid to show it.

Travel Moments: a Filipino-British couple who are full-time teachers and part-time travelers documenting their travels.

Tripsget Travel Blog: two travel addicts currently in a LDR.

Trip Experiences: is run by Dora, Cypriot, with a London touch, experimenting with photography, working in digital marketing, love cooking, reading books and wishing to travel the world.

Travel Passionate: Chrissy is in her early 30’s and lives in Athens, Greece.

Greece Travel Guide / LooknWalk Greece: the blog which I started to work on in October 2007. And which I currently own (as of Nov 2016). If you want to visit Greece, check out the resources and articles.

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