Coworking space in Romania: Aren’t we all gLocals?

I have been a freelancer since 2005. Over the years, I’ve worked from cafes, trains (thank you, mobile carrier!), hotel rooms, hostel rooms, and parks. Finding a reliable connection in a quiet environment is hard or downright impossible in my places.

That’s why, as travel blogger and freelancer, I’m more than excited to let a friend of mine talk about her new passion: an amazing coworking space in Brasov, Romania.


Our stories are quite similar if you’re a digital nomad like myself. Indeed, we are part of that peculiar breed that feeds on luck. Although I must say that a happy life is not always based on four-leaf clovers, but on healthy decisions, landing on one’s feet is an important ingredient. We are lucky to be able to travel and earn a living on the road or even choose to do so!

How is this freedom fuelled? I guess it is more than just the curiosity to roam wild. Real travellers have tremendous inner peace that allows them to get to meet the world on fair terms for both sides. And when you know what you’re after, you find ways to make your dreams come true: money and time are no longer excuses but tools on your search.

Things seem to simply fall into place. You know when this happens, don’t you? When you’re true to your heart, when you’re stepping on the right path, when it’s written.

At times, you start exploring with your own backyard, then move up level by level and experiences start gathering. At other times, you plan how to fund your travels and there are choices: writing, translating, coding, teaching. Hope it’s not too late in the game to properly introduce myself, after all this philosophising – which I did not however take as a joke! –. I’m just a girl who needs only her laptop, smartphone, and Kindle [and – of course! – an Internet connection] to make it happen: I run a translation agency and my father is helping me a lot by managing the administrative issues of my company in our native town of Braşov, Romania. Yes, I can translate from anywhere in the world (although I like to savour my travels and I frequently turn to outsourcing when I’m on the road). I can also write from anywhere in the world. Last, but not least, I can also study from anywhere in the world: I used to do that not long ago via Blackboard and got directly connected to my teachers in Scotland and my fellow students all across the Globe for our many intricate discussions on Scottish History. My only concern is that my boyfriend is still a full-time employee and his holiday leaves are limited. Consequently, we take advantage of every national holiday possible and stick his free days to every available weekend… that is, until he also gets this incredible freedom I’ve been enjoying for years.

One step to this end is another project we’ve developed together. It is based on what we’ve learned that travellers and freelancers need. First of all, whether you’re a local or you’re on the road, you may need a temporary office. A space, a good Internet connection, some peace and quiet, something to munch, and (maybe?) a change of perspective. All against an affordable rate. I know that coworking spaces are on the rise in some countries, but in Romania this trend is only at its very beginning.

In our world, moving at a pace that we can barely keep up with and that will see more remote working than ever envisaged, a professional space to call your own for only a few hours and pay for it accordingly seems like the most practical of all options. There’s something soothing in the ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude that you get to understand best when you’re in a vibrant city that can truly put a smile on your face as your call / meeting / session is done.

Even those who are head over heels in love with the road still need to have, every once in a while, a place that makes them feel at home.

Where to find the coworking space:

-The Coworking Space-
Address: Str. Carpaţilor nr. 7, sc. A, parter, Brașov, Romania
Phone: +40735151769
Web: gLocal The Coworking Space
Facebook // e-mail:

Photos credit: Marcel Băncilă

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