Citadels and Fortresses in Arad County

…which I have visited.

I’ve been a major fan of citadels and fortresses since I started traveling. It’s hard to pin-point how and why I have this passion but I remember that I was fascinated by Sighisoara Citadel when I visited in 2000. And while I was a student I made a point to visit as many citadels and fortress in my county as possible.

Arad Citadel


Built in Vauban style, just like Alba Iulia Fortress, Arad’s fortress is still pretty much intact exact for the church. Unfortunately, the fortress cannot be visited by the public as the access is allowed only on special days (i.e. Army day). By 2016 it’s supposed to be returned to the public.

I managed to see the citadel in 2001 and 2010. There is an interesting museum on site.

The fortress was built between 1763 and 1783. Until 1918 it was used as a prison and in 1919 it was taken by the Romanian army.

Soimos Citadel

I’ve been to Soimos Citadel in 2001 and then in 2011. There is a train you can catch from Arad to Radna then walk by Radna Monastery – it is really worth it – before following DN7 to the citadel. There is a way up to the citadel going on the left of the hill and this is the not-so-hard-one.

The citadel was built in the XIIIth century and was abandoned in 1788. They started to demolish it but since the way up wasn’t easy they just decided to let it; hence it’s one of the best preserved citadels in the county.

Siria Citadel

siria citadel arad county

I’ve been to Siria Citadel in 2001, 2011 and July 2013. In 2011 we took the bus from Arad to Siria – the bus stops right in front of the Bohus Palace, from where the trail to the Citadel starts – and in 2001 we took the train. In 2013 we went by car and parked in from of the Palace, as well (there is a free parking lot).

The trail starts at a spring – from where you can take water for the hike – passes by the Palace and goes all the way up to the citadel.

The citadel dates from the XIIIth century but there isn’t much left of it.

Dezna Citadel

Hidden between Dezna and Moneasa is what’s left of Dezna Citadel…some stones , last time I’ve been there in 2002. The view is nice and the trail goes through a forest.

The citadel dates from the XIIIth century as well. By 1693 – after switching hands between Turks and Mihai Viteazu – it was already a ruin.

Ineu Fortress


The fortress was first mentioned in 1295. It was passed from the Turks to Mihai Viteazu, as well, and the current building dates from 1645-1652. The Turks captured it again and then it was the Habsurgs who used it. It was abandoned in 1745 but the interior courtyard was rebuilt in 1870.

I have passed by it latest in 2012 but didn’t manage to visit. The photo above is of a model which is displayed at Arad Museum.

Other citadels and fortresses

Other citadels in Arad County can be found at : Felnac, Tarnova, Barzava, Covasant, Brichis, Halmagiu and Paulis.

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