Bird’s Eye View Over Venice

One of the many highlights of our time in Venice, Italy included a visit to The Doge’s Palace which is now a museum. It is situated on the left of the Piazzetto San Marco and faces the beautiful lagoon which forms part of the stunning views from the windows of the palace. We discovered through our small group tour (booked through that it’s an absolutely fascinating building with what would have been secret corridors back in the day. We got to walk through the corridors where prisoners were held once upon a time for example – it was just amazing to imagine what they would have felt like walking through there and to see what they would have seen when they were taken into those parts of the palace many years ago. Just outside and in front of this Venetian Gothic style landmark, is probably one of the most romantic places to walk in Venice – right next to the water and the many boats. No matter where you look, it feels as if you are living in a painting.

The photo was submitted by Michelle from Romantic Explorers. Follow her on Instagram.

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