Bird’s Eye View over Stockholm

I took this picture from the top of Storkyrkan Tower in the old center of Stockholm. A great way to escape the mid-summer crowds in the charming streets below, the climb – only available with a guided tour – is worth the effort.

Storkyrkan is a medieval-era church, and the tower was originally used to watch for attacks by enemies and to spot fires in the city. And, of course, it still holds the church bells.

At the top, you can walk all the way around the tower outside, a frightening undertaking if you’re uncomfortable with heights. But the views are magnificent. You can see the lovely buildings of Gamla Stan (the old town) and the royal palace as well. The views serve as a reminder that Stockholm occupies fourteen separate islands; you’ll see a lot of water from up there!

Speaking of water, if you go to Stockholm, make sure to go out on the water to see the area in a different way. It’s not far by boat to the Stockholm archipelago, made up of thousands of islands, some just a small rock, some holding whole villages. Many are covered in forest, with small coves dotted with the traditional red-painted summer cottages, boats bobbing in tiny harbors. It really is breathtakingly beautiful!

This photo was submitted by Rachel from Rachel’s Ruminations. Follow her on Instagram.

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