Bird’s Eye View Over Sarajevo

If I have to choose my favorite city in Europe, it will be Sarajevo. The capital is one of the most charming and interesting cities I know with a long history of cultural and religious variety. The city arose as an Ottoman stronghold and always has been the meeting point of Eastern and Western cultures. Sarajevo has always been a multicultural city and is sometimes also called the Jerusalem of the Balkans. Unfortunately, this didn’t always go well. The capital suffered the longest siege of a city in the history of modern warfare. During the Bosnian war, the Serbs encircled the city for 4 years and assaulted it with artillery from the surrounding hills.

Sarajevo is once more a peaceful city, but traces of the war can still be seen throughout town. One of the best things to do in Sarajevo is to walk up to the Yellow fortress. These ruins from the old fortifications protecting the old town now offer wonderful views of the city. The first thing you will notice are the cemeteries full of people who lost their lives during the war. Beyond the cemeteries are the buildings and homes of modern Sarajevo. This is a romantic place very popular with young couples in love.

The photo was submitted by Ellis from Backpack Adventures. Follow her on Instagram.

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