Bird’s Eye View Over Prague – from the Town Hall Tower

Prague had been recommended to me for years by my friends and family before we decided to go. Although everyone seemed to like it, I was amazed at how pretty the city was and by just how much I fell in love with it.

I always like to research the top things to see and do ahead of city breaks, but I try to avoid photos as much as I can. This is so I can build up my own image of the city as I explore it, and in Prague, this approach really worked out well.

Our hotel was a short walk away from the infamous St Charles Bridge. On our first day in Prague, we walked over the bridge in the morning to make our way into the Old Quarter; the Old Town quickly became our favorite part of the city.

On our walk into the main square, we stopped to watch the astronomical clock chime midday. Every hour, on the hour, the clock comes to life and puts on a bit of a show. Crowds of tourists wait round the clock in the fifteen or so minutes before every new hour.

The clock is on the side of the Town Hall in the Old Quarter, which we decided to go to the top of for 250 kroner each. As you can see, the top of the tower gave us some gorgeous views of the city and the market streets below. We stayed at the top of the tower for about half an hour, taking in the view on each side.

In the market square, horses pulling carriages passed by regularly. Set against the gothic towers of the ‘Church of Our Lady’ we witnessed the creation of a fairy-tale scene.

The photo was submitted by Jen from Jen to Paper. Follow her on Facebook.

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