Bird’s Eye View Over Helsinki

The photo was clicked in Helsinki, Finland’s capital, during my visit in August 2014. This is a bird’s eye view of Helsinki’s bustling water front, near the famous Presidential palace. The photo is specifically that of the east harbor side with the ferris wheel and the famous pink statue of a little bald boy urinating (the “pee” is actually a water fountain), comically named “Bad, Bad Boy”. That statue alone attracts several amused people and after 2016, was moved in front of the Helsinki computer and game console museum. The water front is a great place to get some food from one of the many market stalls, especially those selling fresh catch of the day. One can also catch a ferry from the harbor side and visit Suomenlinna, a fortress island which is a designated UNESCO heritage site.

The photo was submitted by Paroma from Year of the Monkey. Follow her on Instagram.

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