Bird’s Eye View Over Friedrichshafen, Germany

Visitors to Friedrichshafen, Germany have a couple of options if they want to get a good view. And it’s a view that’s well worth seeing. The town sits on Lake Constance, or the Bodensee, a lake at the foot of the Alps where Germany, Austria, and Switzerland all meet.

Those seeking a more traditional view can walk up the observation deck, or Hafenmole. Built in 2000, the 9-storey tower will get you 22.25m above the waterfront. From the tower, visitors get some exercise in addition to a fantastic view. To the north is the charming seafront town; to the south a spectacular view over the lake with Austria and Switzerland visible on a clear day.

Those looking for more adventure are in luck. Friedrichshafen is the city of Zeppelins! In addition to being home to a must-see Zeppelin museum right along the waterfront, the Zeppelin NT company is roughly a mile up the road. Their visitors can experience lighter than air travel in a Zeppelin. The airship’s gondola offers unbelievable views as you gently float over the region. The Zeppelins only reach a maximum altitude of 2600 m so you can still make out all the details as you gaze out the windows (which you can open during flight!). It’s a unique way to travel but you sure can’t beat the view!

The photo was submitted by Corinned from Reverberations. Follow her on Instagram.

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