Bird’s Eye View Over Florence

This breathtaking perspective of Florence was our very first view of the city.

We arrived in Florence just a couple of hours before this photo was taken, dumped our bags at our apartment, and headed straight to the Piazzale Michelangelo. We arrived by train from Rome and immediately noticed the change in pace; compared to the hustle and bustle of Rome, Florence is incredibly laid-back.

Piazzale Michelangelo offers the best aerial viewpoint of Florence and is where the majority of tourist and postcard photos of Florence are taken. We took dozens of photos and none really did the view any justice. It’s recommended to stay until sunset when the rooftops and river are glimmering gold, but we had churches to see and gelato to eat!

Now we had an overall picture of ‘Firenze’ in our minds, it was time to walk down the hill and venture into the center. We crossed the River Arno and meandered our way through to Piazza della Signoria. This is my favourite location in Florence and the original location for Michelangelo’s Statue of David. There is a smaller replica of David standing in the square now. It must have been a sight to behold when the original was there.

Carrying the birds-eye view image of Duomo’s domed ceiling with me, we made our way to Piazza del Duomo to see the ornate cathedral up close. Due to the close proximity of Duomo to the buildings around it, you very suddenly find yourself with the colossal cathedral right in front of you. It was a wonderful way to spend our first day in Florence; the contrast of viewing Duomo from Piazzale Michelangelo to having it right in front of us meant we saw the city on all scales.

The photo was submitted by Jen from Jen to Paper. Follow her on Facebook.

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