Bird’s Eye View Over Bergen

Located on the west coast of Norway, Bergen, a perfect mix between city and nature. While the city is one of the bigger cities in Norway it is filled with amazing nature. It is a top destination in Norway and many tourists make their way here every year.

Bergen is famous for its seven mountains surrounding the city. From the mountains, you can get amazing views of this beautiful city. If you are the sporty type you might even try the annual 7-mountains walk where you hike all seven in one day. Should you not be into hiking, there are other great options for you, too. You can take the funicular up Fløyen or enjoy the view from the cable car up Ulriken. There are restaurants on both mountains where you can enjoy a cold beer while enjoying the amazing view.

The city is filled with great history. “Bryggen” (the dock) in Bergen city is on the UNESCO world heritage list and dates back to the Hanseatic times. You can also go for a stroll through “old” Bergen, walk through the tiny alleys and admire the wooden architecture of the houses.

The famous fish market is located in the heart of the city. There you can taste amazing, fresh seafood. Norway is famous for exporting salmon to large parts of the world, and trying some amazing seafood is a must while visiting Norway.

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