Bird’s Eye View over Amsterdam

Amsterdam is such a gorgeous city. To truly take in the mix of architectural styles, it must be seen from above! I visited Amsterdam for the first time in December and discovered Skylounge. The rooftop terrace and bar provide panoramic views over Amsterdam’s famous canals, the central station, Amsterdam Noord and many landmarks, including the Basilica of St. Nicolas. Bonus: you can try yummy cocktails as you watch the ferries, busses and tiny dots of people busy on by below.

Amsterdam is a very easy city to get around on foot – or, as the locals do, by bike. While you’re here, make sure you go for a wander along the historic cobblestone streets of the Jordaan, visit a canal house and spend some time at the Anne Frank House. One bit of advice, though: if you’re planning to visit the Anne Frank House, book your tickets online and in advance to avoid intense lineups!

The photo was submitted by Marguerite from Louboutins in My Luggage. You can follow Marguerite on Facebook.

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