Best European Spring Destinations

The best spring destinations include the major European capitals. Why? Because they are very affordable to visit now!

Spring is also my favorite season. Of course I love it for the colors it chooses to offer us – and they are a blessing for any photographer. I also love it for the nice weather, affordable accommodation and lack of crowds.

Below you’ll find a list of places to visit in Europe. Some I’ve been to, some I plan to visit. But all are great choices.



London can be pricy during any month but shoulder season means you won’t be paying premium rates. And the flowers start to bloom in March, so you’d be in for some colorful walks in the parks. Of course, you can also plan some trips to the country side.

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Budapest Chain Bridge

I have visited Budapest in spring and I must say I loved every single second of the trip. The weather is lovely , especially when you consider that summer can bring 35-40C easily. The crowds haven’t arrived yet and there are still places which you can visit for free. Accommodation is cheaper than during the summer and you can afford to stay in “premium” locations such as Vaci utca.

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The city is not crowded yet with tourists and accommodation is cheap. Until the end of March you can visit all state owned sites (and museums) for free every Sunday. The nature comes back to life and walking in the National Gardens is a pleasure.

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Aside from the fact that spring comes with slightly cheaper accommodation rates and affordable plane tickets, Paris in spring boasts many colors courtesy of the parks and gardens with their flowers in bloom.


Camera Effects-1331124400850

I dislike crowds but like the warm weather. Spring means I can tick both things off the list. Yes, it will be warm. In March you can easily expect 20C. But it won’t super crowded or super expensive.


We all know how beautiful the Dutch tulips look in photos… but wait until you see the real thing! The Keukenhof Gardens are open from March to May and they attack your sense with the colors. Bring your camera and enough storage space. April is the best month to see daffodils and May to see tulips.

Santorini, Greece

If you are looking to avoid the tourists and the premium rates, spring is the time to come here. You’d probably want to avoid the Easter weekend if you don’t plan to tackle crowds; but otherwise that can be an experience in itself. And yes, pretty much every single Greek island looks stunning during spring.

What are you favorite spring destinations?

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