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Who is behind LooknWalk?

LooknWalk is run by Alex and Cris; they’ve been best friends for years (10+ years) and got married in May 2012. They share a passion for traveling, photography and discovering new, interesting places.

They each use their own DSLR camera. Cris is a major Android fan, while Alex uses both Android phones to take photos. They MUST take a trip (even if it’s over a weekend) every trimester.

Cris is freelancing as a blogger, freelance writer and social media specialist. She is also the mastermind behind the social media accounts for this blog.

With previous experience as travel consultant / travel support specialist  for an American Travel Network (2013-2016) and having started as a travel writer for an American Network (2007-2013), Cris has been writing since she was in high school. She’s a travel manager and economist by schooling and has worked in travel agencies, falling in love with the industry.

She’s currently freelancing full-time as a social media specialist and travel writer .

She’s been traveling independently since she was 19 (2000) and the very first place she visited with a group of friends was Sighisoara, Romania.

Cris has written a travel book in 2013: Exploring Europe Together. A Couple’s Guide to Europe. (pen name: Traveling Cricket)

Buy the book from:
>>Create Space E-store
>>Amazon US

She wrote a second travel book in November 2015, titled “Budapest for the budget travelers” (which is expected to be printed in 2018).

Alex is an IT specialist but also does various freelancing gigs. He is the one who put together the banner for LooknWalk and always tries to come up with fresh ideas in terms of adding a nice look to the articles. He is also an avid photographer.

How about their travels together?

Cris and Alex’s first trip together, although not as a couple, was in March 2007 when they visited Szeged, Hungary. Their first trip together as a couple was to London in March 2011.

They both dream of living abroad for a while in Hungary, Greece, and Italy. As a result, they are always saving money for the next trip.

Social media:

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Cri has been a freelance travel writer since 2005. She also does social media and loves to implement interesting ideas when building accounts.

With extensive knowledge of the travel industry and having worked as a travel agent in three agencies, Cris can help you if you need personal travel advice for traveling within Europe, or if you have any other questions related to traveling.

Alex specializes in graphic design and video editing.

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