7 Best European Destinations to Visit in January

The winter holidays finally come to an end in January. The month is kicked off with New Year’s when travel is quite popular. Epiphany follows on January 6 and by mid-month the prices start to go down, allowing for very affordable travel.

Surely, after the holidays the budget may be limited and the last thing we think about is travel. But look at it this way: you get to relax, explore a new place, and not break the budget.

For those who want to explore Europe in January, LooknWalk has put together a list of best European destinations to visit.

Athens, Greece

January average temps: 10 C / 50 F
Average accommodation price: 30 USD per night in a double room (book your accommodation in Athens now)

Winter in Greece ranges from downright warm (on some islands) to very cold (on the mainland, in the mountains). Athens is somewhere in between. It is wet, thanks to its Mediterranean climate, but it’s also quite pleasant. The city can be visited year round and January is a great choice if you don’t like the crowds (or heat) of summer. Plus, the nightlife is amazing in the capital during winter, and the tavernas are always welcoming.

Bruges, Belgium


January average temps: 2 C / 37 F
Average accommodation price: 85 USD per night in a double room (book your accommodation in Bruges now)

Bruges is one of those European capitals which actually look good during winter. Bonus points, of course, if it snows. If the weather becomes too cold or wet for your taste, just hide indoors. There are a ton of taverns and restaurants to explore. Plus, you can always do some shopping, right? Did we mention that mid-January is when the winter sales kick in?

Palma de Mallorca , Spain


January average temps: 11.7 C / 53 F
Average accommodation price: 37 USD per night in a double room (book your accommodation in Palma de Mallorca now)

The quite warm weather makes Palma attractive during January. The city is not huge and can be easily tackled during a weekend, but the weather may entice you stay longer. Of course, you won’t bump into too many tourists, which is great. There are historical places to check out and of course, you want to taste the local foods.

Rome, Italy


January average temps: 8.3 C / 47 F
Average accommodation price: 26 USD per night in a double room (book your accommodation in Rome now)

Just like Athens, Rome can be visited year round. And if you are looking to avoid the hordes of tourists, January is a great choice. Yes, it can be quite cold at times and it may also snow. But, you can always hide in one of the museums, cafes, or trattoria to fight the cold.

Seville, Spain


January average temps: 10.6 C / 51 F
Average accommodation price: 35 USD per night in a double room (book your accommodation in Seville now)

If you are looking for a place where you won’t freeze your behind, Seville is a great choice. Aside from the mild weather, the food is also amazing. And, let’s not forget the architecture. Make sure to wear layers, wear some good walking shoes, and bring your camera to take gorgeous photos.

Venice, Italy


January average temps: 2.5 C / 36 F
Average accommodation price: 64 USD per night in a twin room (book your accommodation in Venice now)

With the chances of “aqua alta” being lower in January and the city feeling quite deserted of tourists, now it’s the time to visit Venice. It may seem quite weird to find empty streets and piazzas, but the photographer in you will love this chance. It can be very cold and damp, so wear layers and make sure you know how to keep yourself dry in such a weather.

Valetta, Malta

January average temps: 12 C / 54 F
Average accommodation price: 75 USD per night in a studio (book your accommodation in Valetta)

For centuries, Malta has been at European crossroads, and this is clearly reflected in its architecture and food. La Valetta peninsula can easily be explore on food and has a lot to offer. Check out the museums, the churches, and the Palace of the Grand Masters . Malta is not a cheap destination to visit, but winter makes it a more affordable choice.

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