20 Gift Ideas for the Italy Budget Traveler Fan

The winter holidays are approaching pretty quickly and we all want to make our loved ones happy. As I was narrowing down some ideas for gifts to buy this season, I thought about sharing this guide to buying ideas for an Italy Budget Traveler Fan. You can use it to find gifts for someone who loves Italy, whether they have been to the country or not.


Lonely Planet Italy (Travel Guide)

lonely-planet-italy-guideIf you are planing to visit the country for the first time, it helps to have a travel guide with you. No, we don’t recommend to do everything it says you should, but you can always use it as a guide to plan what to visit.

Frommer’s Italy 2017 (Complete Guide)

frommers-italy-2017Some travelers cannot leave home without a printed guided book. For them (and for those who want to make them happy), this guide includes a lot of useful information, including reviews of places and sights. And it also has maps.

Moleskine City Notebook Roma (Rome)

moleskine-romaEven in the digital world, we swear by printed maps. Offering 12 zone maps and the 4 maps of the city center, this is an amazing resource to have when you travel to Rome. And yes, you can also take notes.

>>you may also consider Moleskine City Notebook Venezia (Venice) , offering 16 zone maps and, of course, allowing you to take notes as you travel and explore.

Books about Italy

Death in Venice by Thomas Mann

death-in-veniceIt is one of the most famous literary works of the 20th century, the novella is a story of a middle-aged German writer, torn by his passion for a Polish youth met on holiday in Venice.

Naples 44: A World War II Diary of Occupied Italy by Norman Lewis

naples-44It is the author’s most popular book of the Naples 44 series and is a poetic study of the agony of wartime occupation and its ability to bring out the worst, and often the best, in human nature .

The Land Where Lemons Grow: The story of Italy and its citrus fruit by Helena Attlee

the-land-where-lemons-growThe book is a story of Italy’s cultural history told through the history of its citrus crops.

The Italians by John Hooper

the-italiansIf you seek to understand contemporary Italy, this is the book for you. The author looks behind the stereotypes and sheds new light on everything related to the country.

Jamie’s Italy by Jamie Oliver

jamie-oliverJamie devotes an entire book to the most popular cuisine in the States: Italian cuisine! He travels in Italy paying homage to the classic dishes in each reason and , as a result, the book is a sensational collection of Italian recipes, old and new.

1,000 Italian Recipes (1,000 Recipes) by Michele Scicolone

1000-italian-recipesIf you are looking for a comprehensive book featuring the classic Italian recipes, look no further than Michele’s. You can find anything from minestrone, chicken cutlets, and gelato, as well as local specialties.

Travel Between the Lines Coloring Rome: An Adult Coloring Book for Globetrotters and Daydreamers

travel-between-the-linesColoring books for adults are a thing lately and this one will make you pack your backs and book the next flight to Italy. Enjoy the magnificent city of Rome while you release some stress!

Movies set in Italy

Roman Holiday

roman-holidayNominated for ten Academy Awards, the movies follows a modern-day princess who explores Rome. Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck are the stars and the scooter ride is unforgettable.

La Dolce Vita

la-dolce-vitaReleased in 1960, the movie follows the story of a journalist who is searching for love and “the sweet life” in Rome.

Eat, Pray, Love

eat-pray-loveJulia Robert is a recently divorced woman who decides to start a journey around the world. She starts with a three months stay in Italy. It is based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s 2006 memoir.

Under The Tuscan Sun

under-the-tuscan-sunDiane Lane is a recently divorced woman who buys a villa in Tuscany and plans to rebuild her life. It is based on Frances  Mayes’ 1996 memoir

A Room With a View

Based on E.M. Forster’s novela-room-with-a-view, the movie transports you to Florence during the Victorian era .

Italian Music

100 Must-Have Italian Classics

100-italian-classicsIf you enjoy the classic Italian music, this collection is for you. Traviata, Rigoletto, Nabucco, Aida…take your pick.

Dean Martin: Italian Love Songs (2 CD)

italian-love-songsDean Martin is one of my favorite singers and “That’s Amore” is one song I always listen to with pleasure. Find it and many more in this collection.

Adriano Celentano: His Greatest Hits

adriano-celentanoOne of the most well known Italian singers, Celentano’s songs are popular and many of us know them. This collection is best suited for someone who has passed their 40s.

Eros Ramazzotti : Best Love Songs

eros-ramazzottiI’m pretty sure we have all heard Eros at least one time, whether we were in a coffee shop or we browsed the music channels. This collection includes the well known song “Piu Bella Cosa”


Rick Steves’ Italian Phrase Book & Dictionary

rick-steves-italianIt really helps to know some phrases in Italian. Maybe you want to order your breakfast the proper way, or you end up in a tiny village where no one speaks English. This guide will come in handy any time!

Italian For Beginners: A Practical Guide to Learn the Basics of Italian in 10 Days! (Italian Edition)

italian-for-beginnersIf you are planning to visit Italy soon and want to pick up some phrases, try this book. It is a concise book for the beginners.

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