Bird’s Eye View Over Reykjavik

Recently, Iceland has become one of Europe’s top travel destinations. You’ve probably seen tons of drool-worthy photos of Iceland’s waterfalls and volcanic landscapes. But any trip to Iceland starts with a visit to its compact capital city, Reykjavik. About one-third of Icelanders live in Reykjavik and it is the country’s political and cultural hub. On…


Bird’s Eye View Over Ghent

Ghent was by far the biggest surprise of our trip to Belgium. I had decided to visit Brussels and Bruges when I noticed Ghent as a stop on the way. After giving it a Google, pictures were relatively underwhelming but the general consensus was that it was a ‘hidden gem’ so we decided to stop…


Bird’s Eye View Over Sintra

Sintra is a fairytale-esque town in Portugal and a popular day trip destination for travelers visiting Lisbon. In 1995 it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its incredible cultural landscape and architecture. Of the many stunning landmarks in Sintra is the Castle of the Moors which was built in the 8th & 9th…

Halloween Destinations in Europe

Halloween (Oct 31) is a celebration observed in many countries on the eve of All Saints Day (Nov 1). Scientists cannot agree on how exactly Halloween came into existence. Some say it has the roots in Celtic harvest festivals – thus having pagan roots -, while others say it has begun as a Christian holiday.